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Tips for Serving Wine

These suggestions are reproduced by the courtesy of Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe, Northbrook, IL

Wine Functions:

  1. Refreshment: from light & crisp to rich & smooth
  2. Palate Cleanser: from light, dry, delicately acidic to robust, tannic
  3. Flavor Enhancer: e.g. fruity, spicy, tart, sweet, buttery, viscous

Rules of Thumb:

  1. Delicate dishes with delicate wines
  2. Spicy dishes with fruity wines
  3. Fatty dishes with acidic wines
  4. Lean dishes with rich & mellow wines
  5. Salty dishes with sweet wines
  6. Acidic dishes with rich & mellow wines
  7. Gamy dishes with fruity wines
  8. Smoky dishes with very fruity wines
  9. Hot (spicy) dishes with low alcohol, fruity wines

Serving Suggestions:

  1. Chill sparkling and white wines on the bottom shelf of a refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Never in the refrigerator door or freezer.
  2. If in a hurry, quick chill wines in ice water for 15 minutes.
  3. Serve white wines at 45°-50° F, red wine at 65° F (room temperature in London, England)
  4. Decant all red wines in a carafe for 30 minutes + to optimize the aromas and reduce astringency.
  5. Look, swirl, sniff before tasting; roll the wine across the palate, swallow, exhale and look for after taste.

Storing Condition:

  1. Avoid any type of light, vibration or heat. Dark, cool and humid location (55°-60° F, 60% humidity) is ideal.
  2. Keep the bottles on their side to keep the cork wet.
  3. Do not keep wine in the refrigerator for more than a couple weeks to avoid dry corks.


  1. A case of wine contains 12 (750ml) bottles or 24 half bottles or about 60 glasses.
  2. A bottle contains 24 oz or 4 large glasses or 5 medium glasses.
  3. Fill wine glasses no more than half full to prevent spilling.

When the evening is over and you have bottles of wine not finished, which you want to store for an occasion next week or next month, we strongly recommend Private Preserve™. We have found this product to be, by far, the most effective on the market for preserving opened bottles of wine.

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