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Crystals for Restaurants & Clubs

Fine restaurants and private dining venues have long been hampered in their efforts to provide the best possible presentation of wine to their patrons by the fragility and expense of fine crystal. Now, Bottega del Vino offers a complete, turnkey solution that will allow you to create excitement and drama in the dining room, without breaking the crystal or the budget.

Many restaurants begin upgrading their wine presentation by using our crystal for their captain´┐Żs service when serving better wines to their patrons. Our program is easily expandable according to the size and needs of the venue as the experience of success grows.

The Bottega del Vino program can be considered in 2 parts:

  1. Start with our lead free crystal. It is dramatically less fragile than its leaded counterparts and will not cloud up over time. It is also clearer than leaded crystal so you can better see the true color of the wine.
  2. Minimize breakage. Breakage rarely occurs in the dining room, it occurs when you send the crystal through the swinging doors to be washed. The crystal then has to be returned to the bar area where the wine is poured. We offer a quiet, high speed, high temperature, European Glass Washing Machine which easily fits in the bar area where the wine is being poured. Very simply, by keeping the crystal in the front of the house and in the exclusive care of the serving staff three results quickly arise:
    1. breakage is reduced to the absolute minimum;
    2. you serve the same number of tables with fewer pieces of crystal; and
    3. your staff develops a greater sense of pride in their service of fine wine.

For detailed information and specifications on our glass washing machine and beginning consultation, call Robert Hall at 312-829-6750.

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